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  • Automatic Discount Plans
    Automatic Discount Plans
    With automatic discounts in Martial Arts Admin, we can automatically apply a discount based on the number of active students in a family and adjust it automatically if a student is added or removed.
  • Automated Birthday Messages
    Automated Birthday Messages
    Automated birthday greetings with Martial Arts Admin. Simply enter the birthday’s for people at your school and they’ll automatically get a birthday greeting, both in their email account and on your Facebook business page (if you have it configured).
  • FileDrop
    File Drop lets you upload files and then “tag” those files so that they become associated with people in your school. It’s a great way to help put your documents in the cloud and to get that one step closer to a paperless studio!
  • Home Login for Students
    Home Login for Students
    Students (and their parents) can easily access their account from home with their own username and password. They’ll be able to see their current ranks, mark off stepping stones, print certificates that they’ve achieved, view the latest studio news, and much more.
  • NMI Payment Gateway
    NMI Payment Gateway
    We offer full integration with Network Merchants, Inc. (NMI) and their vast network of resellers, with support for both credit card and automatic withdrawals.
  • Message Center
    Message Center
    Send and receive messages to and from your network. You can easily send a message to a group of people by filtering them by rank, location, class, and so on.
  • Automated Class Check-ins
    Automated Class Check-ins
    Make class check-ins easy by letting students check-in to class when they show up at your school. Using either a PIN number or barcode checkin, they can quickly and easily record their attendance.
  • Gateway Support
    Gateway Support
    Martial Arts Admin supports the Authorize.Net payment gateway so that you can accept credit card and bank account payments directly from within the Martial Arts Admin interface. We are always looking to add new gateways too, so if you have a request, just let us know.
  • Permissions
    We let you setup detailed access permissions so that you can let others help you run your school, but only access and modify information that you deem appropriate.
  • Share Documents
    Share Documents
    Share documents with your network, such as curriculum material, belt test forms, birthday party posters and so on. You can restrict access to documents by rank, name, location and many other criteria.
  • Create Classes and Ranks
    Create Classes and Ranks
    With Martial Arts Admin, you can setup your school’s ranking systems. Even if you have multiple programs (e.g. Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, etc.), you can custom tailor ranks for each system.
  • SecurePay – Australia
    SecurePay – Australia
    For our Australian clients, we offer full Credit Card and Direct Debit integration with SecurePay, a service offered by Australia Post and one of the major gateway providers in Australia.
  • Post and Share Photos
    Post and Share Photos
    You or your students can post photos and videos from studio events, such as belt tests, tournaments and more.
  • Brand it to Your School
    Brand it to Your School
    You can add your logo to every page of Martial Arts Admin. We’ll even help you setup your website so that your students can login to their own personalized homepage simply by going to your website.
  • Students can share…
    Students can share…
    Because we can connect directly in to Facebook, students can share their achievements with friends, which in turn will promote your school to their friends. When a student earns a new rank or checks in to class, we can post it to their Facebook page.
  • Manage Multiple School Locations
    Manage Multiple School Locations
    Whether you have one or many school locations, we have you covered. As you add additional locations, you can assign your programs to specific locations and also choose which instructors or chiefs will run those locations (after all, you can’t be everywhere at once!)
  • Website Lead Form Integration
    Website Lead Form Integration
    Integrate a contact form directly on to your website that prospective students can fill out. The contact request is immediately put in to Martial Arts Admin and a notification is sent to you to let you know you have a new potential student.
  • Stepping Stones
    Stepping Stones
    For the smaller steps (like learning terminology) required to become eligible to test, you can use “stepping stones”. Each time a student completes one of these steps, it can be marked off so that you can easily keep track of who is ready to promote.
  • Custom Fields
    Custom Fields
    If our default fields don’t capture all the information you would like to store about a person, then you can easily add your own with Custom Fields.
  • Customizable Backgrounds
    Customizable Backgrounds
    Give your school its own feel by customizing the background shown on each page of Martial Arts Admin. We have plenty of stunning designs for you to pick from.
  • Integrates with Facebook
    Integrates with Facebook
    Our Facebook connector lets you connect to (or create) a Facebook Business page. Once connected, we can post updates to your Facebook page, or sync posts from Facebook to your school’s Martial Arts Admin news feed.
  • SMS Messaging
    SMS Messaging
    Send and receive messages to your school members with the click of a few buttons. It’s perfect for announcing important events or last minute class cancelations. Replies are put straight in to your Martial Arts Admin message center.
  • Upload HD Videos
    Upload HD Videos
    Upload videos of forms, tournaments, sparring or any other content. You can share these with your entire student body, or you can restrict it to subsets, such as people who attend a specific class.
  • Barcode Support
    Barcode Support
    Martial Arts Admin supports barcodes, so you can easily check students in to class using a student card that has their barcode on it. We can either produce the barcodes for you, or you can use your existing cards with our system (assuming we can decipher them).
  • Your School Snapshot
    Your School Snapshot
    As soon as you login to Martial Arts Admin, you’re given an overview of the key parts of your school. Recent notices, expiring memberships, students who haven’t been to class in a while, and much more. All the information you need at your fingertips!
  • Map My School
    Map My School
    Map My School lets you see where all of your students live (green) in relation to your school (red). But then, you can also add in competitors (yellow) to see how close they are to your school. It may also help you in planning a new location, if you’re thinking about expanding.
  • Detailed Reporting
    Detailed Reporting
    Gain easy access to many reports about your school, including student information, check-ins, reward points and much more.
  • Track Prospective Students
    Track Prospective Students
    Track all of your leads from start to finish. If they become a student, you can easily add them to your roster in Martial Arts Admin with the click of a button. You can also add our website widget, which lets you put a lead capture form directly on your website.
  • PayPal Support
    PayPal Support
    Martial Arts Admin fully integrates with PayPal so that you can accept payments from your clients using one of the world’s most recognized and trusted payment platforms.
  • Total Management of Rank Promotions
    Total Management of Rank Promotions
    When it comes to running your next belt test, you’ll be able to see all eligible students from a single page in Martial Arts Admin. You can invite students to test and then quickly promote them with the click of a couple of buttons.
  • Offline Check-in Application
    Offline Check-in Application
    Don’t have Internet Access at your school but still want to track check-ins? No problem – just take your laptop along to your class and use our offline check-in application to record attendance. When you’re back online, you can sync up to Martial Arts Admin.
  • Enroll Students in Billing
    Enroll Students in Billing
    Quickly and easily enroll students in membership programs and setup one-time or recurring billing. Martial Arts Admin will then automatically generate invoices and send them out for you.
  • Design Your Own Belts
    Design Your Own Belts
    Designing belts on Martial Arts Admin is fun and easy. Using our belt designer, you can create virtually any belt you can think of. You can add stripes, half belts and more.
  • Reward Points
    Reward Points
    Reward points are a great way to motivate students to attend classes and events. You can specify the amount of points earned for completing a particular task. You can then create ways for students to spend their points, such as a discount at your pro shop.
  • Comprehensive Student Profiles
    Comprehensive Student Profiles
    Martial Arts Admin makes finding information a breeze. The profile page will list out all aspects of a students involvement at your school, including enrolled classes, current ranks, family members, birthday, billing information and much more.

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